Thank you for considering ordering TO GO from us. We do want you to have a great experience and limited ourselves to dishes that do travel well and will be tasty once they reach your home. Schnitzel will not travel well and we therefore have taken it off our list, we do offer them in the restaurant on the dine-in menu only. Please do yourself and us the favor to respect this border, we really want to keep you as a guest and friend for a long time! Schnitzel chill out quickly and loose their crispness as soon as we close the lid of the take out container.

However we have visited the test kitchen, tasted and successfully created a unique alternative:

Bavarian Grill’s exclusive Schwammerl Schnitzel Quiche.

Schwammerl Schnitzel Quiche
A pan-seared Schnitzel topped with our wild Mushroom Ragout and baked with an Egg Custard with leeks in a buttery, flaky Pie Shell 25.25 for the entire Pie
A Rahm Schnitzel is topped with our classic Mushroom Ragout with Chanterelle, Crimini, Portabella, Shitake and Champignons  blended with Thyme, Lemon, Bay leaves, Salt, Pepper, Cream, Garlic and our dry white house wine.
Spätzle „Försterin Art” mit Wildschwein Bratwurst und gemischtem Salat
Fresh Pasta dumplings topped with wild Mushroom  Ragout and grilled, sliced wild Boar Bratwurst. Wildly popular in Bavaria during the summer!    24.75

„Schwarzwald Teller” mit Bechtle Makaroni, Rahm Schwammerl und echtem Adler Räucherschinken
A giant Bowl from the cool Black Forest: Traditional German Egg Noodles tossed with our classic Mushroom Ragout and authentic Adler Black Forest Ham 26.50

We will replace the Pasta with boiled new Potatoes for you so that you can enjoy the Mushrooms

Express: Deutsches Gulasch mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat
Lean cuts of pork and beef in a rich onion – paprika sauce, served with freshly made tiny pasta dumplings and our mixed vegetable salad 18.50

Frisch mit Rot Erle geräucherter Lachs “Ammersee” mit Apfel Kren
Alder Wood smoked Salmon a la Chef Klaus, cured and smoked in house, then chilled and thinly sliced, served with a mild, tangy Apple-Horseradish sauce.
As an Appetizer with a Pumpernickel Roll   9.95
Or as an Entree with two Potato Pancakes   19.75

Our summer signature dish:
 Juicy Franconian Sausages freshly marinated in a light vinaigrette with fresh Spring Herbs, Chives, red Radishes, Onions, Parsley and authentic pickled Gherkins, served with 2 white Rolls, our Weihenstephaner Kristall matches perfectly with this entrée. 19.75
Vesperteller mit Geräuchertem
Sample Smoked Salmon, Gouda, Smoked Chicken Breast, Salami and Hams with a giant Bavarian Pretzel 25.75  Extra Pretzel 9.95   Extra roll .50  Pretzel Roll .95
Bake the Pretzel for 6 minutes at 375 in a real oven – do not microwave!!!
For we replace the Pretzel with 4 Baguette rolls

Gulasch Suppe
Spicy Goulash Soup with beef, pork, paprika, onions and peppers. Cup 5.75 or Bowl 8.75

Würste mit Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und Sauerkraut
Your choice of our five favorite sausages:
Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Knackwurst, Smoked Bratwurst or Nürnberger; served with warm herbed potato salad and sauerkraut. You can slice the sausage bite sized as an appetizer to share with your friends. Small (2) 14.75 or  Large (5) 19.95

Rinder Rouladen mit Spätzle oder Backofenkartoffeln und Rahm Spinat
A generous cut of lean beef is rubbed with mustard, then filled with onions, bacon and a pickle spear and slow roasted, served with Bavarian oven potatoes or pasta dumplings and creamy spinach. 22.75

Kohlrouladen mit Salzkartoffeln und Spinat
Two Flavorful Ground Beef, Pork with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon wrapped in Cabbage Leaves and slowly braised, served with boiled Potatoes and Spinach   19.75

Schwäbische Maultaschen überbacken mit Käse und gemischtem Salat –
Fresh pasta pockets are filled with ground veal, spinach, sautéed onions and poached in a beef broth, topped with melted Swiss cheese, served with a mixed salad 16.75

Schwarzwälder Spätzle mit Pilzen, Erbsen und Schinken
Black Forest Mac ‘n’ Cheese: Tiny pasta dumplings, tossed with fresh mushrooms, sautéed onions, peas and Original Adler Black Forest ham, in a creamy cheese sauce. 18.75

Garmischer Schweinshaxen mit Semmelknödel und Rotkraut
Juicy roasted Ham Hock with a crispy skin on a classic Caraway Sauce, Bavarians’ favorite with a Bread Dumpling and Red Cabbage  28.75 Please give us at least 45 minutes for the perfect roast..

Bamberger Bier Zipfel auf Kraut und Kräuter Kartoffelsalat
Two pairs of robust and smoky, slightly coarse Pork and Beef Sausages with a blend of Bavarian spices, lightly smoked with Beechwood in the Bamberg Tradition simmered in a natural casing, a typical example of a Brühwurst that has grown in popularity recently. We recommend a bed of Sauerkraut and Potato Salad, but skip the mustard! 21.75

Oktoberfest Hendl mit Pommes frites und gemischtem Salat
An Oktoberfest Favorite: Half of an oven roasted Chicken with French fries and a mixed Vegetable Salad 18.50

Mit der Familie nach Bayern: Schweinsbraten mit Blaukraut und Kartoffelknoedel
Call us before 3 pm and take your family to Bavaria: We stuff a 3 pound Pork loin with dried Apples and Pears, add our secret Schnitzel Spiuce Mix, roast the loin with caraway to have a slightly fruity classic Porkroast sauce, cook Potato Dumplings and red Cabbage, mix the Bavarian Cole Slaw for your dinner at 7, all you have left to do: carve the Pork Roast and enjoy with your family! $ 100 for at least 4 guests
Here is what your dinner will look like: 4 rolls, 4 servings of Bavarian Cole Slaw, a dozen Potato Dumplings, about 10 ounces of a fruity Caraway-Pork Demiglace, 4 generous servings of Red Cabbage and the Apple-Pear stuffed Pork loin Roast

Add  a great touch of München! A Paulaner Liter Masskrug and a 1 liter can of the Münchener Oktoberfest as a take home gift for $ 25

NEW: Only available to go with your favorite food
Award winning Helles Hefeweizen, Light and Dark Weizenbock
Check out the Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals this brewery from Upper Palatinate won in the WORLD BEER CUPS