Herzlich Willkommen –

Our annual “Spargel Fest”

A Guest Favorite

König Ludwig Schnitzel

Enjoy Fairy Tale King Ludwig’s Favorite dish:
A pan seared Schnitzel topped with Spears of White Asparagus and our velvety Lemon-Sauce Hollandaise, served with boiled, parsley new potatoes and your choice of spears.

Mittags- und Abend Karte – Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu

Weisser Spargel Kreme Suppe

During white asparagus season this is our soup of the day, daily, try it and you will understand why this is a must-have starter.

Weisser Spargel Salat mit Brötchen

Chilled White Asparagus marinated in a light Parsley-Vinaigrette, garnished with a chopped hard boiled egg.

Ein frisches Pfund Weisser Spargel mit neuen Kartoffeln und ausgelassener Butter

We serve about one fresh pound, traditionally accompanied by new boiled potatoes and drawn butter .

White Spargel

im Hühner Schnitzel nach “Spargelbauer Art”

This dish will be available for a special Wednesday Dinner only:

Our breaded Chicken breast stuffed with White Asparagus spears, Emmentaler Swiss Cheese Mousse, Adler Black Forest and boiled Hams, served with Mashed Potatoes and Sonja’s Mixed Salad

mit pochiertem Lachsfilet

Boneless, poached Filet of Salmon with White Asparagus in a lightly creamy broth with a hint of lemon and parsley. Enjoy the herb-filled pastry crescents and our mixed salad.

mit geräuchertem und gekochtem Schinken

Chilled spears wrapped with Black Forest and Westphalian Hams. Enjoy dipping into the light parsley vinaigrette and a low-fat creamy fresh herb sauce. A great Appetizer to share!

mit geräuchertem Lachs

White asparagus wrapped in cured, house-smoked salmon with Hollandaise sauce

mit einem Schnitzel Wiener Art

. . . with the favorite Vienna-style Schnitzel.

mit Lammkeule Allgäuer Art

. . . with sliced herb stuffed roasted leg of Lamb

This dish will be available for a special Wednesday Dinner only 

im Würzburger Hühner Eintopf

This dish will be available for a special Wednesday Dinner only

. . . in Dirks Hearty Chicken Stew with fresh veggies, Spatzel, poached eggs, potato pancake strips and homemade chicken sausage

mit geräucherter Entenbrust

with apple wood smoked Duck Breast on Lingonberries

And for dessert: Erdbeerkuchen

Light Sponge Cake topped with
Dark Chocolate, Bavarian Vanilla Cream and fresh Strawberries. Garnished with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sprinkles and
warm Vanilla Sauce.

Weisser Spargel will be back in April:

From May to beginning of July we will celebrate Spargelfest again.

Please join us!

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