Schnitzel & Oktoberfestbier Fest 2021

Huehner Schnitzel Cordon Bleu served on Oktoberfest in Dallas, Plano, Addison

Every year we offer our guests a large selection of our most popular dish, the Schnitzel.

Neu beim Schnitzel Fest 2021:

We will be very Corona Conscious: Our Team Members practice Frequent Hand  washing + Sanitation, Masks for Guests and Team encouraged

Our special menu, die Sommerkarte, featuring special dishes Bavarians eat in the Biergarten, and of course our fresh Mushroom Ragout, a traditional Bavarian summer specialty, will be available for you until Wednesday, September 15th. We will start to feature our popular Schnitzelfest during the Oktoberfest, which we will welcome with the special Keg tapping ceremony in our Biergarten on Saturday, September 18.
Our “Mittwochs im Biergarten” Series will continue in late September as there will be two special Wednesday events:
  1. Spanferkel Essen on September 8 at 7
  2. Schnitzelfest Dinner Premiere on September 15th starts at 4 pm
More Bavarian Bier for you has arrived and we are successfully stocking up for you and your friends. Enjoy a cool Bier with our special Bavarian Charcuterie from Adler, Piller’s Black Kassel or Stiglmeier for the Bavarians’ favorite meal, the Brotzeit, the Bread Snack Time, in the late afternoon or early evening. Our air-conditioned Biergarten is the perfect spot to meet your friends and use your Stein! That’s an authentic Bavarian Happy Hour!

Happy Oktoberfest 2021!

  • Starts with the “Fass Anstich” on Saturday, September 18th at 3:30, we recommend to arrive early – the Biergarten may fill to capacity before 2 pm and we do not take reservations for this event: The Keg Tapping in the Biergarten with our Biergarten Band, raffle and free Bier from our ceremonial keg!
  • Enjoy our authentic Oktoberfest Bier in the Biergarten with many different ones “vom Fass” and enjoy Pat’s accordion music, or move into the Dining room to yodel with Jim Rommel
  • Every day during Oktoberfest we will be having our “Schnitzel Fest” Menu with 25 different Schnitzel and 16 different sides.
  • No Buffet this year as most of our guests want to enjoy the variety of “Schnitzel Fest”!
  • The Frohsinn Kapelle will also play for your entertainment on Saturday, September 25th from 6 to 9pm – we will take reservations for this classic Oktoberfest evening dinner in our Biergarten.
  • During Oktoberfest Bavarians enjoy their Brotzeit, read below what we are offering you for an authentic experience!
  1. Paulaner Oktoberfest,  just like in München, is now a blond Bier, it was called Wies’n
  2. Paulaner Märzen,  the brunette, we sold this malty marvel as our Oktoberfest for many years
  3. Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest
  4. Spaten Oktoberfest-Märzen
  5. Hofbräu München Oktoberfest
  6. Hofbräu München Märzen
  7. Ayinger Festbier
  8. Weihenstephaner Festbier
  9. Weltenburger 1050 Märzen
  10. Schneider Edelweiss Festbier

Take our Festbier Test = Drink one of each of our Festbiers and get a Braumeister Schnitzel, a Bier battered Schnitzel with Bier battered Onion rings FREE. You can only earn this Schnitzel, it is not for sale any time of the year EVER! 

  • Festbier 6-pack specials, 330 ml or 500ml bottles TO GO with your TO GO FOOD Order:

  1. Spaten
  2. Hacker-Pschorr
  3. Weihenstephan
  4. Ayinger
  5. Paulaner
  6. Hofbräu in special category with special price  $ 22.50

Add  a great touch of München!

A Paulaner Liter Masskrug and a 1 liter can of the Münchener Oktoberfest as a take home gift for $ 25

Our Incentive for our guests to dress for Oktoberfest:

  • Guys in long or short Lederhosen, Bavarian Shirt, long socks and Hiking boots or Haferlschuhe;
  • for girls: Dirndl with Blouse and Apron, Hiking boots or leather shoes. They will receive a basket of Mini Pretzels with O’batzda, our authentic Bavarian Cheese spread

Please click here to see our Special Wednesday Dinners “Mittwochs auf der Münchener Wies’n” to follow the popular September 8th Stein Club Spanferkel dinner with the Suckling Pig. Each dinner will include two half liters of a matching Festbier!

Here is what we did last year, we will keep this spirit: Ente = Duck Confit, enjoy the crispiest Duck with lots of flavor 9/23

Brotzeit with fresh breads from CM Bakery and STIGLMEIER SAUSAGES, authentic Bavarian Charcuterie 10/7

Hitzplotz SPEZIAL – this is the Stein Club Meeting  10/14

Roasted Oxen “From Cheek to Cheek” with Potato Dumplings 10/21

Roasted Lamb with creamy Leeks and new Potatoes 10/28

Let us tease your taste buds:

Schwarzwald Schnitzel “Staufen” is topped with Adler Original Black Forest Ham, fresh Brie and tart Cherries soaked in Schladerer Kirschwasser

Pork Schnitzel “Maximilian” sautéed to a golden brown and topped with Adler Ham and two sunny side up eggs. The Bavarian Strammer Max Schnitzel.

Regensburger Bockbier Schnitzel

Regensburger Bockbierschnitzel mit Brez’nkruste

Schnitzel Aubergine auf Zigeuner Sosse

Auberginen Schnitzel auf Zigeuner Sosse

During Schnitzelfest you can choose from 25 different Schnitzels.
Wiener Schnitzel Mixed Salad Jaeger Schnitzel

Schnitzel Fest Menu

Please click here to see the Panierte Schnitzel, the breaded Schnitzels or here to see the Natur Schnitzel.

Schnitzel Fest Story – History – a view into the Past

Oktoberfest officially begins September 18, we know it’s not October yet!! Tradition says Oktoberfest begins the third week end of September and continues until the first Sunday in October. Here at the Bavarian Grill we celebrate Oktoberfest during festival time in Munich. The Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest festival in the world, with an international flavor characteristic of the 20th century. This  year this celebration is cancelled again, since its inception only years with war, cholera epidemics or Corona Pandemic cancelled this festival, which began in 1810. It all usually begins at noon in the Schottenhammel – Spaten tent with the lord mayor of Munich tapping the ceremonial keg. Up to three strikes gets him reelected any more will get him thrown out of office. Christian Ude served from 1993 until 2014 and his record is one tap.

Enjoy Oktoberfest at the Bavarian Grill 

Authentic Bavarian food, bier, and fun in an authentic Bavarian Atmosphere here serving guests from Allen, Plano, Addison, Richardson, Frisco, Dallas and all the surrounding cities! Truly one of the best places for an authentic German Oktoberfest experience!

Wildschweinschnitzel Schoenau

More Oktoberfest Details

  • “Fass Anstich” on Saturday, September 18th at 3:30, we recommend to arrive early – the Biergarten will fill to capacity before 2pm and we do not take reservations for this event: The Keg Tapping in the Biergarten with our Brassband, raffle and free Bier from our ceremonial keg!
  • Enjoy our Oktoberfest Bier selection
  • Every day during Oktoberfest we will be having our “Schnitzel Fest” with 26 different Schnitzel and 16 different sides.

Oktoberfest Bier Test

  • Drink one of each of our Oktoberfest Biers and get a Braumeister Schnitzel FREE
  • Our Oktoberfest and Märzen Biers are: Spaten, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Ayinger, Erdinger, Schlenkerla, Weihenstephaner, Weltenburger Kloster 1050.

schnitzel fest

Unser Bayerisches Oktoberfestbier

Wood Strip Wood Strip  

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