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Schwarzwald Schnitzel “Staufen”

Schwarzwald Schnitzel “Staufen” is topped with Adler Original Black Forest Ham, fresh Brie and tart Cherries soaked in Schladerer Kirschwasser. Served on a bed of extra long Macaroni and sauteed Spinach.

Eisbein auf Ananaskraut

We cure a giant ham hock in special salty brine and simmer it in Sauerkraut until tender. Served with split pea puree and mashed potatoes. It’s big enough for two, or enjoy the left-overs for a special sandwich. Rivaner or Bitburger compliment this dish very well.

Frühlingskräuter Enten Confit mit Blaukraut und Kartoffelstampf

Our homemade Duck Leg Confit simmered with fresh Spring Herbs on a demiglace with mashed Potatoes and red Cabbage

Mittenwälder G’selchtes”, gesotten im Sauerkraut mit Erbs- und Kartoffelpüree

Inspired in Mittenwald: These two tender, cured Kasseler pork phops are heated slowly in sauerkraut and served with split pea puree and our creamy mashed potatoes.

Pork Schnitzel “Maximilian”

Pork Schnitzel “Maximilian” sauteed to a golden brown and topped with Adler Ham and two sunny side up eggs. The Bavarian Strammer Max Schnitzel.

Zum Nachtisch gibt es Nymphenburger Mokkatorte

Mocha Torte layered with rich creamy Kahlua mousse, topped with toasted Almonds.

Ramsauer Hirschragout mit frischem Gemüse und Kartoffeln

Elk stew braised with Leeks, Celery, Carrots, Onions and Potatoes

Geschmorte Rehkeule “Baden-Baden” mit Birne und Kroketten

Venison marinated in Buttermilk, slow roasted, with the traditional red wine sauce, and half of a poached Pear, and Lingonberry Cumberland sauce and potato croquettes.

Spätzle mit würziger Wildschwein Bratwurst nach “Försterin Art” und gemischtem Salat

Grilled wild Boar sausage atop tiny Pasta dumplings with our wild Mushroom, bacon and red Wine sauce and our mixed salad

Zünftige Bayerische Brotzeit aus dem Apfelrauch: Geräucherte Entenbrust

Applewood-smoked duck breast served rare as an entrée with cheesy potato pancakes or as an Appetizer with 2 white rolls