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Ayinger Ur-Weisse

A strong amber-colored, yeast cloudy wheat beer. The beer is strong with the first taste and malty in aroma. The top-fermented, yeasty taste sensation is unmistakable. This beer is rich in sparkle and has just a touch of a special bitter quality. The fruity, malty mild aroma will have you won you over immediately!

Ayinger Dunkel

Impenetrably dark with a golden-brown gleam when held up to the light, and with a warm aroma and malty taste, while summoning up coffee taste sensations on going down.

Ayinger Oktoberfest Marzen

The beer pours golden with a small head that quickly dissipates. A malty nose brings a sweet mouthfeel full of caramel notes.

Ayinger Celebrator

Profoundly dark, rich lager with cascading layers of deep malt complexity. Full body and semi-dry finish. The first taste is of mild fullness with an accompanying coffee tone, which becomes more dominant with the aftertaste.

Ayinger Pils

This Pilsner is highly fermented and therefore smooth on the initial taste sensation, but also mild and sparkling in body.

Ayinger Bräu Weisse

The classic Bavarian unfiltered wheat beer- golden, fruity, and thirst-quenching with an immense head and complex, spicy clove character from a traditional yeast strain. Pair with sausage and pretzels with Dusseldorf mustard.