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Andechs Hefe-Dunkel

For the connoisseur’s nose, the dark wheat beer from the Holy Mountain offers a harmonious interplay of fruit aromas, in particular ripe banana and pineapple, with caramel and cocoa tones in the background.

Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel

Full-bodied and velvety, strong but with a pleasant malt aroma. It has a readily discernible sweetness accompanied by roasted cocoa notes and a slight hop bitterness. With a strong finish, the Doppelbock ends on a lasting semisweet chocolate note.

Andechs Helles

Classic Bavarian Lager

Andechs Hefeweizen

Aroma of banana, honeydew melon, and clove with a slight honey sweetness, elegant acidity, and subtle hop bitterness