Why we do not allow any food brought in from any uninspected source:

Once upon a time, not too long ago and right here in Texas there was a family that was celebrating a young man’s birthday; we will call him Prince Charming. Mr. Charming and his family wanted to eat out for his birthday. His mother decided to have a friend bring his favorite birthday cake, for after dinner. The birthday party was a wonderful success, all of Mr. Charming’s friends and family enjoyed the festivities. Until…

The very next day many of Mr. Charming’s friends and family fell ill. In an effort to find out what made them all sick they contacted the health department to let them know that they all ate at the same restaurant and got sick the next day. The health department investigated and found no cause for any food borne illnesses from the restaurant. This upset Mr. Charming, very much, so he and two attorneys in his family decided to sue the health department and the restaurant. They also contacted local media, accusing the restaurant of unsanitary practices, endangering their guests and all who dine there. The words “incompetence, incapable and not protecting the citizens” were used to describe the health department’s efforts to stick the blame on the restaurant’s staff.

The restaurant and the health department both had to get their lawyers to represent them; this matter became very expensive for everyone involved. Through all of the investigating the health department’s attorney came across a bit of information that everyone involved in had overlooked – the cake. The cake was the only thing that everyone from the party had eaten and that had yet to be investigated. Come to find out, Mr. Prince Charming’s mother’s friend had picked up the cake from the groceries bakery early that day and had left the cake in the car until the party. Unfortunately the cake had spoiled, but it went unnoticed because of all the sugar and the icing on the cake. It was found that it was the cake that had made everyone very ill.

And in the end, there was no apology made by Mr. Charming or his family for dragging the restaurant and the health department through the mud.

According to the City’s attorney, the only protection a restaurant can have from this kind of issue is to follow US FDA Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Principles. And since we proudly serve freshly ground meats and sausages, fresh seafood and fresh dairy products, for your protection and the protection of all our guests we do operate within the US FDA (HACCP) Principles and we strictly adhere to this policy and follow their principals.

HACCP is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards based on the following seven principles:

Principle 1: Conduct a hazard analysis.
Principle 2: Determine the critical control points (CCPs).
Principle 3: Establish critical limits.
Principle 4: Establish monitoring procedures.
Principle 5: Establish corrective actions.
Principle 6: Establish verification procedures.
Principle 7: Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures.

It’s our policy, if you plan to have a cake made by your favorite commercial bakery we will require a copy of their Health Department Certificate, delivery in a refrigerated, commercial vehicle and your server will cut your cake with a real cake knife and a cake server for you at 3.50 per person; this includes china plates, forks, napkins and unlimited, freshly brewed coffee or tea for all your guests.

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