Bavarian Grill Heute Mittag

The Vesperteller with the Giant Pretzel 25.75
Smoked Duckbreast with Potato Pancakes

a flavorful Bavarian Beer Cheese Dip is a Beer Garden classic made with Brie, Butter, Onions, Caraway, smoked Paprika and Oktoberfestbier, served with one Onion roll 4.75
Gefüllte Champignons
5 Mushroom caps stuffed with Bratwurst 8.75
Schwammer’l mit Semmelknödel
A classic! Our wild forest Mushroom Ragout served
with a Bread dumpling, great as an appetizer. 9.75
Weinberg Schnecken auf Volkacher Art 
Franconian style Escargot cooked in the snail shell
in classic Herb Butter with dry white Wine
and complimented by a Pumpernickel Roll 9.50
Our signature Fall dish:
Frischer Fränkischer Wurst Salat mit Gewürzgurken und Semmeln
 Juicy Franconian Sausages freshly marinated in a light vinaigrette with fresh Spring Herbs, Chives, red Radishes, Onions, Parsley and authentic pickled Gherkins, served with 2 white Rolls, our Weihenstephaner Kristall Weiss matches perfectly with this light and refreshing entrée. 10.75
Maultaschen are Pasta Pockets stuffed with ground Veal, Onions and Spinach
Schwarzwälder Spätzle mit Pilzen, Erbsen und Schinken
Black Forest “Mac ‘n’ Cheese: Tiny Pasta with sautéed Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peas and Adler Ham in creamy Cheese sauce 9.75
Oberstdorfer Sauerbraten mit Semmelknödel und Rotkraut
Marinated Beef Roasted in a tangy sweet and sour sauce with sour cream,
served with a bread dumpling and red cabbage 10.25
Ein Paar Bamberger Bier Zipfel auf Kartoffelsalat mit Sauerkraut
Two robust and smoky, slightly coarse Pork and Beef Sausages with a blend of Bavarian spices, lightly smoked with Beechwood in the Bamberg Tradition simmered in a natural casing, a typical example of a Brühwurst that has grown in popularity recently. We recommend a bed of Sauerkraut and Potato Salad, but skip the mustard! 11.75
This is the dinner picture, get an extra Pair for 9.50
Just like the one we had at the “Weltenburger am Dom” – our Regensburger Bretzn Schnitzel
We are offering you a freshly baked, classic Brötchen, the white, hard roll or an Onion Roll or the Pumpernickel Roll and a little wedge of butter with our compliments with each entrée. Each extra roll is 50 cents and the popular Pretzel Roll is available for 95 cents each. 
Hirsch Schnitzel „Schönau” mit Kroketten und frischem Gemüse
Breaded Elk Schnitzel topped with our Wild Mushroom Ragout, served with Potato Croquettes and our fresh Vegetable Medley 19.95
Wisent Roulade auf Bärlauch Eiernudeln mit echter Adler Schwarzwälder Schinken – Waldpilzsoße und gemischtem Salat
A generous cut of lean Bison is filled with fresh Bratwurst, slowly braised, and served on a bed of Wild Garlic Egg noodles with an authentic Black Forest Adler Ham – Forest Mushroom Sauce and our mixed salad      19.75
Spätzle mit Wildschwein Bratwurst nach „Försterin Art” und gemischtem Salat
Grilled Wild Boar Sausage atop tiny Pasta Dumplings with our Wild Mushroom, Bacon and Red Wine Sauce, served with Sonja’s Mixed Vegetable Salad 16.75
Schnitzel „Münchener Art”
A Munich Classic: Pork Schnitzel brushed with Horseradish and sweet Mustard, sautéed and garnished with Lemon and Capers, here served with herbed warm Potato salad and creamy Spinach
Schnitzel “Maximilian” mit Spätzle und frisches gemischtes Gemüse
Pork Schnitzel “Maximilian” sauteed to a golden brown and topped with Adler Ham and two smiling sunny side up eggs. With the Bavarian Strammer Max Schnitzel we suggest our tiny egg noodles and our new summer Vegetable Medley 19.75
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