Bavarian Grill Heute Abend

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Vorspeisen = Appetizers
Nudeln, Suppen und Fisch = Pasta, Soups and Fish KINDERKARTE
Salate = Salads
Hauptspeisen = Entrees
Beilagen = Sides
Seasonal: Schnitzelfest Karte
Kinderkarte – Children’s Menu
Bier = Beer
Wein = Wine

Neu: Die Entenleberpastete Probier Portion Duck Liver Pate Sample with one roll 5.75
We are proud to offer you the very best Bavarian Charcuterie products available, join us for Bavarians’ favorite time – the Brotzeit, where they pair these offerings with a fresh Bier for a replenishing break in the late afternoon, before they go home for dinner. You could call this an authentic Bavarian Happy Hour with a great snack opportunity.

German’s will call this “Braunschweiger Streichmettwurst”. This sausage dates back to the middle-ages, when sausage production was done in private households. Commercial production began in Braunschweig in 1830. Try this Brez’n with a Wolters Pils, brewed in Braunschweig and you will find perfect harmony!

Talk to us about our other Bavarian Charcuteries we have available from Stiglmeier, Black Kassel and Adler

Bierwurst, Roter und Weißer Presssack, Schinkenwurst, Tiroler Jagdwurst, Krakauer – the grand parents of the Summer Sausages. 

For centuries, majestic castles commanding views of the rivers Rhein and Mosel have inspired legends. The craftsman who lived in these regions used recipes handed down from generations to produce Europe’s finest meats and salamis – gently smoked with secret blends of hardwood and dry-cured with a legacy of practiced patience. Tradition and the flavors of Europe are now the inspiration for Piller’s Black Kassel. From Dry Cured and Smoked Alpen Schinken to Old Forest Salami. Black Kassel fine meats blend the tastes of two worlds – the European tradition of time-honored food preparation with today’s demands for distinctive and superior quality.
The Pannonia Schinken from Black Kassel 3 slices 4.95 plus your choice of Bread is the best ham of this kind in the USA!

4 slices 4.95 plus your choice of Bread – this is the genuine Black Forest Ham, the original “Schwarzwälder Schinken” lives up to the high expectations associated with products “made in Germany”. Its pronounced taste is smoky and highly aromatic, it is best enjoyed in thin slices, maybe with some fresh bread or fruit – or as an ingredient in cooked dishes.

Weinberg Schnecken auf Volkacher Art 
Franconian style Escargot cooked in the snail shell in classic Herb Butter with dry white Wine and complimented by a Pumpernickel Roll 9.50
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Salat mit gegrilltem Lachs und Weißbierdressing 
Grilled filet of salmon on crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with our low fat fruity wheat beer dressing a la Chef Alfons Schuhbeck 19.75
Natur Schnitzel und Champignon Salat
We put some salads on your plate: Lean Schnitzel fingers with sautéed mushroom salad on top Romaine lettuce with our signature mixed Salad 20.75

Gegrilltes Lachsfilet auf „Bayerische Art” mit Schnittlauchbutter, Salz Kartoffeln und Winter Gemüse

The Bavarian’s fish favorite: Grilled Filet of Salmon topped with our Herb butter, served with boiled Potatoes and Spring Vegetables 19.75

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Deutsches Gulasch mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat 
Lean cuts of Pork and Beef stewed in a Rich Onion Sauce,
best with Spätzle and our signature Mixed Salad 18.75

noch besser mit d’Arbo Preiselbeer Kompott – upgrade with Austrian Lingonberries for 3.00 extra

Gemischter Salat mit gekümmeltem Krautsalat, Tomatensalat mit Frühlings Zwiebel , frische Gurken mit Dill und marinierte Rote Beete – our classic Bavarian mixed Vegetable Salad brings you a Bavarian Cole Slaw with Caraway seeds, Tomatoes marinated in a light green Onion Vinaigrette, fresh Cucumbers with Dill and pickled Red Beets

Unsere Schnitzelkarte im Bild Picture our Schnitzelfest Menu

Staufen Schnitzel mit echtem Schwarzwälder Adler Schinken, frischem Brie aus dem Allgau, sauren Kirschen aus dem Schladerer Kirschwasser und Kartoffelnockerl auf einer Knoblauch-Sahne Sosse
A Pork Schnitzel covered with authentic Adler Black Forest Ham, fresh Brie and tart Cherries soaked in Schladerer Kirschwasser served on a Garlic-Cream Sauce with a side of outside crunchy, inside soft Potato Gnocchi 
Meerrettich Schnitzel 
A large cut of Pork brushed with Horseradish and
served on a Creamy Horseradish-Leek sauce. 24.75
Schnitzel „Maximilian”  
Pork Schnitzel sautéed to a golden brown and topped with Adler Ham and two sunny side up Eggs. 28.75
Klassisches Schwammer’l Schnitzel
A pan-seared, unbreaded Schnitzel topped with our wild Mushroom Ragout
and served with a Bread dumpling and our medley of fresh sautéed summer Vegetables
Hühner Schnitzel \ˈhyːner\ nach „Gärtnerin Art”   
A Chicken Schnitzel stuffed with creamy Spinach, Leeks and diced Tomatoes. 25.75
Schnitzel nach Art des Weinhändlers \vainhandler\
A Pork Schnitzel topped with sautéed Onions that are deglazed in Red Wine. 25.75
Bühler Kirsch Schnitzel
Pork Schnitzel topped with a demi-glace Sauce with tart Cherries soaked in Asbach Uralt Brandy.
And for Dessert:
Windbeutel mit Vanille Eis und Asbach Kirschen oder warmen Waldbeeren
Airy Puff pastry filled with Bavarian Vanilla Ice Cream, freshly whipped Cream
and topped with your choice of a dozen tart Cherries soaked in Asbach Brandy 15.75
or a scoop of our warm Berries Jubilee 13.75
We make our Cheesecake with Quark, a very popular Soft Cheese in Germany – it’s called Topfen in Austria – Join us next Wednesday to learn more about Quark
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Or for a savory finish just like in Bavaria:

Allgäuer Käseplatte aus Lauben
½ pound of delicious Bavarian Cheeses: You sample Champignon Brie, Camembert, ROUGETTE Landkäse, CAMBOZOLA Black Label, CAMBOZOLA Classic Blue, Champignon Mushroom Brie, Bayernland Emmentaler and Bayernland Tilsiter or fresh St. Mang Limburger. Served with 4 Pumpernickel Rolls   23.75
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This is our ideal line up –

We are currently experiencing difficulties in purchasing Bavarian Bier for you because:

  • Some Breweries are short staffed due to the Corona virus, which is still much worse in Germany than with us.
  • Some Breweries are not receiving the grains due to either transportation or availability issues, one brewery had to cut a large order in half and cannot tell when they will be able to ship the 2nd half.
  • Many Breweries have reduced their production due to less demand during the high of the closings and are now brewing, but a Lager needs at least 90 days in the Lager tank, a Pils 100 days, a Bock 180 days and a Doppelbock needs over 220 days. Patience is a virtue!
  • There is a shortage of Shipping Containers worldwide, some breweries have product but cannot ship it overseas.
  • The journey from the Brewery to the Port of Houston lasts up to a month.
  • The Port of Houston is short staffed and over loaded with incoming containers.
  • There is a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S.
  • Our vendors are short staffed, both in warehouses and on the delivery trucks.

Here is what we are doing:

Our Biergarten last Wednesday
  • We bought all available kegs with German Bier, many of our vendors are out of keg inventory until they receive a fresh delivery from the Brewery.
  • We bought an unusually large amount of bottled German Bier to prevent us from running out of Bier for you, for example the very popular Weihenstephaner Fassbier, the keg inventory is largely depleted but we have stocked up with bottles to allow you to enjoy the Bier from the World’s Oldest Brewery, after all: We are their Official Ambassador!
  • We are checking the vendor inventories daily in order to immediately place an order when kegs become available, rather than waiting for our weekly ordering sessions.
  • Our vendors are aware that serving Bavarian Bier in the Bavarian Grill is extremely important for Guests and Team alike, and they are supporting us to their best ability, just as they have done in the past 27 ½ years.
  • Thank you for your understanding and support, in the past, in the present and in the future!
We support Weihenstephaner, thank you for your help!
NEW: Schneider Weiss Alkoholfreies Weissbier!
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We can now offer Schnitzels To-Go, along with the rest of our menu!

Our new container holds the temperature and keeps the Schnitzel crispy for at least 20 minutes. This special container has a patented convection cross-flow design and allows for venting holes in the lids and side vents, we will serve any sauce on the side – should it be necessary to reheat your Schnitzel please do so in an oven or toaster oven for a few minutes at 425F. Please do not use a microwave as the Schnitzel will become hard and soggy.

As these containers are expensive we will add a $1 To-Go charge to every dish used.

We charge the price for 1 liter = 33oz and 2 liter for the 64oz
Empty container sells for 8.75, bring the sanitized bottle back to us and only pay for the bier!