Bavarian Grill Heute Abend

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Chef Seth’s Special Appetizer: O’batzda
a flavorful Bavarian Beer Cheese Dip is a Bier Garten classic made with Brie, Butter, Onions, Caraway, smoked Paprika and Oktoberfestbier served with an Onion Roll 4.75
Schwammer’l mit Semmelknödel
A classic and great as an appetizer!
Our wild forest Mushroom Ragout served with a Bread dumpling, 12.75
Weinberg Schnecken auf Volkacher Art 
Franconian style Escargot cooked in the snail shell
in classic Herb Butter with dry white Wine
and complimented by a Pumpernickel Roll 9.50
Schwäbische Maultaschen überbacken mit Käse
Schwarzwälder Spätzle mit Pilzen, Erbsen und Schinken
Black Forest “Mac ‘n’ Cheese: Tiny Pasta with sautéed Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peas and authentic Adler Black Forest Ham in creamy Cheese sauce
Our signature Fall dish:
Frischer Fränkischer Wurst Salat mit Radischen, Gewürzgurken und Semmeln
 Juicy Franconian Sausages freshly marinated in a light vinaigrette with fresh Spring Herbs, Chives, red Radishes, red, white and green Onions, Parsley and authentic pickled Hengstenberg Gherkins, served with 2 white Rolls, we recommend our Weihenstephaner Kristall Weiss as it matches perfectly with this light and refreshing entrée 19.75
Just like the one we had at the “Weltenburger am Dom”, served here with Backofenkartoffeln and our fresh Vegetable Medley
During the fall Bavarians enjoy treasures from the forest and streams. We suggest the entrees with the sides listed. Substitutions are welcome for any other side dish without charge. We are offering you a freshly baked, classic Brötchen, the white, hard roll or an Onion Roll or the Pumpernickel Roll and a little wedge of butter with our compliments with each entre. Each extra roll is 50 cents and the popular Pretzel Roll is available for 95 cents each. 
Zünftige Bayerische Brotzeit aus dem Apfelrauch: Entenbrust
Applewood-smoked Duck breast, served rare on Lingonberry-Cumberland sauce.
As an appetizer 14.75
As an entrée with a Cheesy Potato Pancake 25.75
Schnitzel “Maximilian” shows you: Herbst im Schwarzwald: 
Fall in the Black Forest: Golden, breaded Schnitzel topped with slices of the Original Adler Black Forest Ham and two smiling fried Eggs, sautéed Potatoes and creamy Spinach. Our popular Schnitzel “Strammer Max” 29.75
Hühner Schnitzel „Cordon Bleu”
mit Salzkartoffeln und Rahm Spinat

A Classic: Breaded Chicken Breast stuffed with boiled Ham and Swiss Cheese,
suggested with boiled Potatoes and creamy Spinach 26.75
Add a third side for $ 3.50
Spätzle mit Wildschwein Bratwurst nach „Försterin Art” und gemischtem Salat
Grilled Wild Boar Sausage atop tiny Pasta Dumplings with our Wild Mushroom, Bacon and Red Wine Sauce, served with Sonja’s Mixed Vegetable Salad 24.75
Geschmorte Rehkeule „Baden-Baden” mit Birne und Kroketten
Venison marinated in Buttermilk and slow roasted with the traditional Red Wine Sauce served with half of a poached Pear, Lingonberry-Cumberland Sauce. Fresh Vegetable Medley and Potato Croquettes 29.75
Schwarzwald Schnitzel “Staufen” mit Bärlauch Eiernudeln und Rahmspinat
Visit the Black Forest: Floured and pan-seared Pork Schnitzel on a creamy sauce topped with Adler Ham, fresh Brie and tart Cherries soaked in Schladerer Kirschwasser served with extralong Wild Garlic Egg noodles  and creamy Spinach 29.75
Ramsauer Hirschragout mit frischem Gemüse und Kartoffeln
Chef Seth’s Peppery Elk stew braised with Leeks, Celery, Carrots, Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes and Bacon 26.75
Hirsch Schnitzel „Schönau” mit Kroketten und frischem Gemüse
Breaded Elk Schnitzel topped with our Wild Mushroom Ragout, served with Potato Croquettes and our fresh Vegetable Medley 29.95
Spezialitätenteller „Wildschütz”
Sampler plate with roasted Venison, grilled Wild Boar Sausage, smoked Duck breast and a Rabbit leg served with a Bread Dumpling with Wild Mushroom Sauce, fresh Vegetable Medley and ½ a poached Pear 35.50
Hasenpfeffer mit Bratkartoffeln und frischem Gemüse
Our sour marinated braised Rabbit hind legs served with sautéed Potatoes and our fresh Vegetable Medley
Available with one leg 19.75 or two legs 26.75.
This dish is an annual special and asked for year round!
Wisent Roulade auf Bärlauch Eiernudeln mit echter Adler Schwarzwälder Schinken – Waldpilzsoße und gemischtem Salat
A generous cut of lean Bison is filled with fresh Bratwurst, slowly braised, and served on a bed of Wild Garlic Egg noodles with an authentic Black Forest Adler Ham – Forest Mushroom Sauce and our mixed salad      29.75
Bratfisch mit Salz Kartoffeln und frischem Gemüse
Filet of Tilapia, breaded and sautéed and served with Boiled new Potatoes and fresh Vegetable Medley 20.75
Eisbein auf Sauerkraut mit Erbs- und Kartoffelpüree
Enough for two to share, our huge cured and smoked Ham hock on a bed of Sauerkraut with Pea puree and mashed Potatoes 37.75

Nymphenburger Mokkatorte 8.75
Schweinsbraten TO GO for the family – bring Oktoberfest HOME
Mit der Familie nach Bayern:
Schweinsbraten mit Krautsalat, Blaukraut und Kartoffelknoedel
Call us before 3 pm and take your family to Bavaria: We stuff a 3 pound Pork loin with dried Apples and Pears, add our secret Schnitzel Spice Mix, roast the loin with caraway to have a slightly fruity classic Pork roast sauce, cook Potato Dumplings and red Cabbage, mix the Bavarian Cole Slaw for your dinner at 7, all you have left to do: carve the Pork Roast and enjoy with your family! $ 100 for at least 4 guests with left overs
Here is what your dinner will look like: 4 rolls, 4 servings of Bavarian Cole Slaw, a dozen Potato Dumplings, about 10 ounces of a fruity Caraway-Pork Demiglace, 4 generous servings of Red Cabbage and the Apple-Pear stuffed Porkloin Roast
with your food going home with you

Our organinc Wines

4.75 per Bier Zipfel

Your best choice if you are driving – Juergen’s favorite when driving in Germany