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Bavarian Grill Restaurant Plano

# 1 outside view

Bavarian Grill Restaurants in Plano

# 2 Color logo

Bavarian Grill Plano Tx

# 3 white and blue logo

German Restaurant Plano

# 4 Bavarian Grill Team members Kelly and Carrie in dirndl with food

Kelly and Carrie | German Restaurant

# 5 inside the dining room

Dining Room | German Restaurant

# 6 Schnitzel "Wiener Art"

Schnitzel | German Food

# 7 Wurstplatte

Wurstplatte | German Food

# 8 Entenbraten - roasted duckling


Entenbraten | German Food

# 9 Schweinshaxe

Voted In The Nation 2011-2012 | German Restuarant

# 10 BGRiA

frisch im rot erlenrauch

# 11 Raeucherlachs - smoked salmon

Smoked Salmon | German Food

# 12 Spargel und Schinken

apfelstrudel | restaurant Plano

# 13 Apfel Strudel

Black Forest Cake | German Food

# 14 Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte - the Black Forest Cake

German Restaurant

# 15 our Logo Lady 100%, click her for high res and screened



Bavarian Grill Logolady and slogan

# 16 small signature

frankischer volksmarsch

# 17 Volksmarsch Schaschlik

Schwammer | German Restaurant#17 

#18 Schwammer'l Schnitzel

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Address: 221 West Parker Road, Plano, TX 75023     Phone: 972-881-0705
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City of Plano Texas Health Department
Food Service Inspection Report

German restaurant Plano health score
ONGOING SINCE: 2-23-2008