Süss Speisen


heissen beeren

Vanilleeis mit heissen Beeren

Warm Berries Jubilee over
Bavarian vanilla ice cream.



Almond Creme, a German tradition, rich cream between two layers of cake and topped with plenty of almonds drizzled with honey.
Add a shot of Bärenjäger for a real BEESTING.

waldbeeren torte

Waldbeeren Torte mit Schlag

Cake topped with a delicious blend of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.


Prinz Regenten Torte

Munich Royal Regents Cake is the pride and joy of the Bavarian pastry chefs, – moist sponge cake alternates with deliciously rich seven layers of Swiss chocolate cream surrounded with bittersweet  German chocolate icing.


Schokoladen Bayerisch Kreme

Chocolate Bavarois on a chocolate sponge base, topped with a light chocolate mousse, decorated with white chocolate shavings.

Chiemgauer Kirschenmichel

Chiemgauer Kirschenmichel

Our oven-warm Breadpudding from Upper Bavaria – brimming with Bing cherries, sweetened with cherry juice and a touch of Kirschwasser on vanilla sauce.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Traditional Black Forest Cake. Add a shot of Kirschwasser for the true delight.

Pfirsich Streusel Auflauf

Pfirsich Streusel Auflauf

Peach Cobbler straight from the oven with whipped cream ice cream.

Käse Kuchen

Käse Kuchen

This week's variation of our cheese cake.


Hausgemachter, ofenwarmer Apfelstrudel mit Vanille Sosse

Our signature dessert: Homemade, ovenwarm Apple Strudel with warm vanilla sauce. You'll love the Granny Smith tartness balanced with brandy soaked raisins, brown sugar and cinnammon.

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