German schnapps Plano, TX

Berentzen Apfelkorn - $4.75

Apple liqueur made with clean apple juice and double distilled grain spirits.

Doornkaat - $4.75

Clean and clear, made with triple distilled grain spirits.

Gilka Kaiser Kümmel - $4.75

The original Kümmel from Berlin.

Bärenjäger - $4.75

Rich, smooth and sweet honey liqueur.

Steinhäger - $4.75

Germany's oldest dry gin, flavored with juniper.

Jubiläums Akvavit - $4.75

Distilled from grain and potatoes, flavored with a hint of caraway, dill and coriander seeds – the water of life.


Asbach Uralt - $4.75

Classic brandy from wines from the River Rhine, aged in small oak casks.

Schladerer Williams Christ Birne - $5.75

Clear pear flavored brandy from the Black Forest.

Schladerer Himbeergeist - $5.25

Fruity raspberry brandy with a great nose

Schladerer Kirschwasser - $5.25

Clear Black Forest cherry brandy.

Stroh Obstler - $4.75

A Bavarian farmers treat distilled from pears and apples.

Calvados - $5.50

The classic apple brandy from Normandy.


Kroatzbeere - $4.75

Rich, thick blackberry liqueur.

Goldschläger - $4.75

Sweet cinnamon liqueur with 24k gold flakes.

Rumpel Minze - $4.75

Clear, sweet peppermint liqueur with an intense flavor.

Killepitsch - $4.75

Dark red with more than 90 fruits, berries, herbs and spices.

Jägermeister - $4.75

Germany's classic herb liqueur with secret herbs and spices.

Godiva Schokoladen - $5.50

From dark and bittersweet, to milk chocolate and white chocolate.

*Also available are Scotches, Bourbons and Canadian Whiskeys, Rum, Tequila and Gin from famous distilleries.

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