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Light Sponge Cake topped with Dark Chocolate, Bavarian Vanilla Cream and fresh Strawberries. Garnished with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sprinkles and warm Vanilla Sauce.

Frischer Fränkischer Wurst Salat mit Gewürzgurken und Semmeln

Our spring signature dish: Juicy Franconian Sausages freshly marinated in a light vinaigrette with fresh Spring Herbs, Chives, red Radishes, Onions, Parsley and authentic pickled Gherkins, served with 2 white Rolls. Dornfelder or Paulaner Märzen matches perfectly with this entrée.

Bratfisch, wie auf dem Viktualienmarkt, mit Kartoffelbrei und frischem Gemüse

Perfect for Lent: Sautéed and breaded filet of Tilapia with a hint of lemon, served with mashed potatoes and a fresh vegetable medley

Frühling im Schwarzwald

Spring in the Black Forest: Golden, breaded Schnitzel topped with slices of the Original Adler Black Forest Ham and two smiling fried Eggs, sautéed Potatoes and creamy Spinach. Our popular Schnitzel “Strammer Max”

Volkacher Blumenkohlauflauf mit Kartoffelpüree und Frühlingslauch

Flavorful ground Beef and Pork with Apple-wood Smoked Bacon, topped with Cauliflower, Spring Leeks, Mashed Potatoes and a Cheesy Béchamel Sauce.

Würzburger Hühner Eintopf

Real chicken stew, from a traditional Franconian recipe, loaded with fresh vegetables, Spätzle, poached eggs, potato pancake strips and homemade chicken sausage. Famous since the 4th game of the 2011 NBA Championship, in a Bavarian size Bowl.

Bamberger Bier Zipfel auf Kraut und Kräuter Kartoffelstampf

Two pairs of robust and smoky, slightly coarse Pork and Beef Sausages with a blend of Bavarian spices, lightly smoked with Beechwood in the Bamberg Tradition simmered in a natural casing, a typical example of a Brühwurst that has grown in popularity recently. We recommend a bed of Sauerkraut and mashed Potatoes with Herb Butter, but skip the mustard!

Eisbein auf Ananaskraut

We cure a giant ham hock in special salty brine and simmer it in Sauerkraut until tender. Served with split pea puree and mashed potatoes. It’s big enough for two, or enjoy the left-overs for a special sandwich. Rivaner or Bitburger compliment this dish very well.

Frühlingskräuter Enten Confit mit Blaukraut und Kartoffelstampf

Our homemade Duck Leg Confit simmered with fresh Spring Herbs with a crunchy skin on a demiglace with mashed Potatoes and red Cabbage

Mittenwälder G’selchtes”, gesotten im Sauerkraut mit Erbs- und Kartoffelpüree

Inspired in Mittenwald: These two tender, cured Kasseler pork phops are heated slowly in sauerkraut and served with split pea puree and our creamy mashed potatoes.