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Ausgebackener Brie mit Preiselbeeren

Fried Brie Cheese in a crunchy crust with Austrian Lingonberries, Grapes, Mandarin Oranges and Two Rolls.

Ein Paar Nürnberger mit Semmel

Our Appetizer treat for you! In the Franconian metropolis, everything revolves around sausage—and this for over 700 years! Get your Pair on a freshly baked roll today!

Allgäuer Käseplatte aus Lauben

½ pound of delicious Bavarian Cheeses: Champignon Brie, Camembert, ROUGETTE Landkäse, CAMBOZOLA Black Label, CAMBOZOLA Classic Blue, Champignon Mushroom Brie, Bayernland Emmentaler and Bayernland Tilsiter or fresh St. Mang Limburger. Served with 4 Pumpernickel Rolls.

Entenleberpastete mit Preiselbeeren

House-made Duck Liver Pate topped with a Lingonberry-Cassis glaza and fried Spring Leeks, served with a basket of four Dinner Rolls.

Weinberg Schnecken auf Würzburger Art

Franconian style escargot in Silvaner herb butter.

Gefüllte Champignons

Five mushroom caps stuffed with Bratwurst

Kartoffel Pfannkuchen mit Sauerrahm und Apfelmus

Three Potato pancakes, served with sour cream and apple sauce.

Vesperteller mit Geräuchertem und ofenfrischer Bretz’n

Sampler platter featuring smoked Salmon, Gouda, Landjäger, Chicken breast, Bavarian Charcuterie and Hams, very popular with our giant Bavarian Pretzel

Frisch mit Rot Erle geräucherter Lachs “Ammersee” mit Apfel Kren

Thin, chilled slices of freshly house cured and smoked Salmon with a mild, tangy apple-horseradish sauce Appetizer on toasted rye. Also available as Entree with potato pancakes.